With the limited availability of above ground water sources in the horn of Africa. Waterwork projects in the region need to incorporate a space in project plans that considers water storage and re-use of an otherwise neglected water source, rainwater. Currently rainwaters most prevalent use is for rain feed agriculture. And there are minimal water storage facilities that can capture the significant amount of rainfall that occur seasonally. With high water evaporation rates and deforestation increasing. Water filtration into soil is low making water runoff is very high, meaning a precious resource is not fully utilized.

With our carefully designed water retention systems this water is stored and used for a variety of purposes, from irrigation of trees to cool down the urban areas, reforest rural areas. To offering cattle drinking stations for the numerous livestock in the region. The added utility from relatively small intervention is what we offer.


We offer our services through the entire life cycle of your project, from conception to completion and on an ongoing basis if required. We prioritize sustainability as the guiding principle of everything we do. We understand that our services need to have meaningful impact for you. So, we strive to make our services beneficial to the longevity of your project goals. In that way we all stay close to our core principle of sustainability and offer you better value services.